About Twentieth Century Communism

Editors: Gavin Bowd, Gidon Cohen, Ben Harker, Dianne Kirby, Norman LaPorte, Kevin Morgan and Matthew Worley

Twentieth Century Communism provides an international forum for the latest research on the subject and an entry-point into key developments and debates not immediately accessible to English-language historians. Its main focus is on the period of the Russian revolution (1917-91) and on the activities of communist parties themselves. However, its remit will also extend to the movement’s antecedents and rivals, the responses to communism of political competitors and state systems, and to the cultural as well as political influence of communism.

Twentieth Century Communism is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year, in March and September, both online and in print.

‘The spectre of communism no longer haunts Europe, but we still need to understand its history without fighting old battles or waging new ones. Twentieth Century Communism provides an excellent platform for the post-communist history of communism.’ 
Donald Sassoon

‘Twentieth Century Communism has quickly become an indispensable forum for those interested in communist history. It is fresh, lively, wide-ranging refreshingly free of polemics.’ 
Stuart Macintyre

Issue 1: Communism and the leader cult

Issue 2: Communism and political violence

Issue 3: 1968 and after - between crisis and opportunity 

Issue 4: Communism and youth 

Issue 5: Local communisms

Issue 6: A century of anti-communism

Issue 7: Exiles and diasporas in communist history

Issue 8: Communist Internationalism - Seamen’s transnational activism - new research on Chile, Brittany, Scandinavia, Russia in 1917

Issue 9: The cultural turn and communism

Issue 10: New Perspectives on Trotsky and Trotskyism - anti-imperialism as cosmopolitanism - solidarity and labour history

Issue 11: Memory and nostalgia

Issue 12: Communism and the written word

Issue 13: October, the Cold War and Commemoration

Issue 14: 1917 in 2017

Issue 15: Communist states and postwar Africa

Issue 16: Hobsbawm remembers - a militant life-history - new research on Portugal, Cyprus, GDR


Forthcoming issues

Transnational Communism and Anti-Colonialism

Stalin as a global figure

Gender and communist history

Communism and political Science


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Editorial advisers
Aldo Agosti; Bernhard Bayerlein, Sylvain Boulouque; Geoff Eley; Jean-François Fayet; Irina Filitova; Ben Fowkes; José Gotovitch; Sobhanlal Datta Gupta; Stephen Hopkins; Edward J. Johanningsmeier; Kevin McDermott; Stuart Macintyre; Paul Preston; Tauno Saarela; Steve Smith; Daniela Spenser; Brigitte Studer; Ronald Suny; Geoffrey Swain; Andrew Thorpe; Alexander Vatlin; Stephen White; Serge Wolikow.