6: A century of Anti-Communism

Spring 2014


Editorial -  FREE TO VIEW 
Richard Cross, Norry LaPorte, Kevin Morgan, Matthew Worle

Reflections on writing the history of anti-communism -  FREE TO VIEW 
Jean-Francois Fayet

A century of anti-communisms: a roundtable discussion -  FREE TO VIEW 
Gavin Bowd, Madeleine Davis, Paulo Drinot, Dianne Kirby, Carl Levy and Matthew Worley

Anti-communism in twentieth-century Ireland
Emmet O’Connor

Theodore Aubert and the Entente internationale anticommuniste: an unofficial anti-marxist international
Michel Caillat

The myth of the outsider: from Whitehall to Elysium Row, 1917-21
Suchetana Chattopadhyay

The traditions of African-American anti-communism
Eric Arnesen

Anti-communism in the USA and American foreign policy in the late 1940s
John Callaghan

TCC6 A century of Anti-Communism