Scottish Communism 1962-91: from re-growth to extinction – a view from the inside

Autumn 2013

This article outlines the course of the CPGB’s development in Scotland from the early 1960s until its final demise along with that of the British Party in 1991. It attempts to explain the manner of its recovery and shifts in political approach following the crises of the 1950s, and consequent successes in areas such as the miners’ strikes, the UCS work-in and the student movement. The CP in Scotland’s response to the rise of Scottish nationalism and the SNP is also considered in the context to its commitment to devolution but opposition to separatism. This is followed by consideration of gradually emerging internal political divisions during the 1970s, centring on divergent attitudes to the Party’s traditional political stances concerning the role of the working class and views of the Soviet bloc. The final breakup is then examined, including a last-ditch attempt by some members to form a separate Communist Party of Scotland.

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