4: Communism and youth

Communism and youth


Introduction: Communist youth, communist generations: a reappraisal -  FREE TO VIEW 
Leo Goretti and Matthew Worley

Irma Bandiera and Maria Goretti: Gender role models for communist girls in Italy (1945-1956) -  FREE TO VIEW 
Leo Goretti

When the Party Comes Down: The CPGB and Youth Culture, 1976-1991
Evan Smith

‘With power and aggression, and a great sadness’: Emotional Clashes between Punk Culture and GDR Youth Policy in the 1980s
Juliane Brauer

Growing up communist: theory vs. practice 
Elke Weesjes

‘A dream come true’: Finns visiting the lands of socialism at the World Youth Festivals in the 1940s and 1950s
Pia Koivunen

Generations of Finnish Communism
Kimmo Rentola

Time is on My Side
Interview with Detlef Siegfried


Italian communism and the ‘woman question’ in post-war Italy: from memory to history 
Pamela Schievenin

The Hungarian Communist party, ethno-nationalism and anti-Semitism
Paul Kelemen

The Left’s bibliophilia in Interwar Britain: assessing booksellers’ role in the battle of ideas 
Elen Cocaign


Geoffrey Swain, Tito: A Biography
Richard Mills

Phil Edwards, ‘More work! Less pay!’: Rebellion and repression in Italy (1972-7)
Leo Goretti

Jim Jump (ed.), Looking Back at the Spanish Civil War; Richard Baxell et al, Antifascists: British and Irish Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War, in words and pictures
William A Pelz

Ben Lewis and Lars T. Lih, Head to Head in Halle: Zinoviev and Martov 
Francis King

Charlie McGuire, Sean McLoughlin. Ireland’s Forgotten Revolutionary 
Emmet O’Connor

Jonathan Miles, The Nine Lives of Otto Katz: The remarkable story of a Communist super-spy
Archie Potts

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