3: 1968 and after - between crisis and opportunity



Introduction: 1968 and after – between crisis and opportunity -  FREE TO VIEW  
Richard Cross

‘Rejecting all adventurism’: The Italian Communist Party and the movements of 1972-9
Phil Edwards

‘1968’ and the formation of the feminist subject
Brigitte Studer

Still a ‘Spanish Red’? The communist past and national identity in the writing of Jorge Semprun
Stephen Hopkins

The Portuguese Communist Party and the labour movement in the beginning of the Carnation Revolution
Raquel Varela

The Socialist Unity Party of Germany’s bizarre relationship with the Greek Communist Party in the period 1968-1989
Andreas Stergiou

De Gaulle, Ceausescu and May 1968
Gavin Bowd


Moscow-Havana-Prague: recollections of a communist foreign correspondent
Sam Russell

The rise and decline of communism in South Asia: a review essay -  FREE TO VIEW 
Sobhanlal Datta Gupta

Recent historiography of the People’s Republic of China, 1949-76
Stephen A Smith


Nina Fishman, Arthur Horner: A Political Biography
John Callaghan

Bernhard H Bayerlein, ‘Der Verrater, Stalin, bist Du!’ Vom Ende der linken Solidaritat. Komintern und kommunistische Parteien im Zweiten Weltkrieg
Peter Brandt

Daryl Glaser and David M. Walker (eds.), Twentieth-Century Marxism: A Global Introduction; Silvo Pons and Robert Service (eds.), A Dictionary of 20th Century Communism
William A. Pelz

Guillaume Quashie-Vauclin, L’Union de la Jeunesse Republicaine de France 1945-1956. Entre organisation de masse de jeunesse et movement d’avant-garde communiste
Leo Goretti

Norman LaPorte, Kevin Morgan and Matthew Worley (eds.), Bolshevism, Stalinism and the Comintern: Perspectives on Stalinization, 1917-53
Kevin McDermott

Marc Junge, Die Gesellschaft ehemaliger politischer Zwangsarbeiter und Verbannter in der Sowjetunion. Grundung, Entwicklung und Liquidierung (1921-1935)
Francis King

Gina Herrmann, Written in Red: The Communist Memoir in Spain
Sharif Gemie

Daniel Rosenberg, Underground Communists in the McCarthy Period: A Family Memoir
Eric A. Schuster

TCC3 1968 and after