2: Communism and political violence



Introduction: communism and political violence -  FREE TO VIEW 
Matthew Worley

Violence as discourse? For a ‘linguistic turn’ in communist history
Andreas Wirsching

The communist movement and violence in France: from the First World War to the Cold War
Sylvain Boulouque

Revolutionary groups after 1968: Some lessons drawn from a comparative analysis
Isabelle Sommier

Italian communism and violence, 1921-48
Marco Albeltaro

Left-wing armed struggle and political violence in 1970s Italy
Monica Galfre

The People’s Militia: Communist and Kashmiri nationalism in the 1940s
Andrew Whitehead


Daniel F Calhoun, The TUC and the Russians 1923-1928
Darren G Lilleker

Roger Griffin, Modernism and Fascism: The Sense of a Beginning under Mussolini and Hitler
Fiona Reid

Brian Pollitt (ed), The Development of Socialist Economic Thought: Selected Essays by Maurice Dobb
Pat Devine

Ben Harker, Class Act: The Cultural and Political Life of Ewan MacColl
Walt Howard

Serge Wolikow (ed), Pierre Semard
Gavin Bowd

John Bulaitis, Communism in Rural France: French Agricultural Workers and the Popular Front
Stephen Hopkins

Maurice Carrez, La fabrique d’un revolutionnaire, Otto Wilhelm Kuusinen (1881-1918)
Antti Kujala

TCC2 Communism and political violence