Autumn 2020
Autumn 2020


Editorial  FREE TO VIEW  
Daniel Edmonds, Evan Smith, Oleksa Drachewych

Competing visions of anti-communism in interwar Germany: Catholic and Nazi portrayals of the ‘Judeo-Bolshevik’ threat
Derek Hastings 

Mandated internationalism: Sino-Soviet friendship, 1949-1956
John M. Knight 

Eric Hobsbawm’s dialectical materialism in the postwar period 1946-56  FREE TO VIEW   
Andrea Bonfanti 

Verse from the battlefield: Russian poetry of the Great Patriotic War 
Maria Bloshteyn 

Anticommunism as regime legitimisation strategy in South Korea in the 1960s 
Natalia Matveeva 

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Cover image:

Gennady Dobrov’s drawing ‘The Frontline Veteran’ is part of an extraordinary series of thirty-six drawings called ‘The Autographs of War’ that the artist completed in the years 1974- 1980, when he travelled all over the Soviet Union, visiting the group boarding homes housing the semi-forgotten crippled and mentally ill veterans of the Second World War. Dobrov lived amongst them, learning their stories, helping them, and drawing them. The artist was not allowed to exhibit this series until Perestroika. The drawing is reproduced here with the permission of the artist’s widow, Lyudmila Dobrova.

Image courtesy of Working Class Movement Library, Manchester. 

Twentieth Century Communism 19 cover