The Soundings Project: new political conversations

The Soundings project aims to broaden Soundings’ range of political dialogue, bringing new ideas and issues to the fore and encouraging new voices to speak out. We’re planning a series of live, participatory public conversations, as well as facilitating a variety of voices and conversations in print, online, and across digital media.

Our first live event took place at Rich Mix, London, in February 2019. 

How can the contemporary left learn from activism and education projects to create culturally inclusive, participatory and democratic forms of left politics for the 21st century?

We explored this question in our first event, produced in partnership with The World Transformed. This participatory event featured arts educator Farzana Khan (Platform and Voices that Shake), tenants’ rights and anti-poverty activists Ellen Moran and Taya Williams (ACORN), senior research fellow Sharon Clancy (Adult Education 100), writer and campaigner Roshi Naidoo (Soundings editorial collective) and Sasha Josette (TWT and Momentum).

You can read event producer Nick Mahony’s summary of this event on the Soundings blog. You can also see some of what people were discussing at the event here on our Padlet discussion page, and you can listen to full recordings of our speakers on Soundcloud.