Soundings Futures

Soundings Futures is a series of articles putting forward alternatives to neoliberalism across a range of policies, published as instalments in the journal and online. Contributors provide critical analysis of major areas of practice and provision in society, and make programmatic proposals, at least in outline, for the design of an alternative future.

This project grew out of After Neoliberalism: The Kilburn Manifesto, edited by Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey and Michael Rustin and published between 2013 and 2014. This was a series of articles calling into question the foundational assumptions of neoliberalism, which were collected together as a printed book in 2015.

The Kilburn Manifesto was focused on the changes which were and still are taking place in society, rather than identifying and proposing alternatives to this system. Soundings Futures follows on from its predecessor in exploring how we might think differently about issues such as education, the NHS, regional inequality, transport and crime. Published instalments can be accessed below, and this list will be updated when each new instalment becomes available. 

Soundings Futures instalments (free to read)

1. Michael Rustin, Alternatives to neoliberalism: a framing statement
2. Michael Edwards, The housing crisis: too difficult or a great opportunity?
3. Michael Rustin, The neoliberal university and its alternatives
4. Colin Leys, The English NHS: from market failure to trust, professionalism and democracy
5. Danny Mackinnon, Regional inequality, regional policy and progressive regionalism

6. Michael Rustin and Myra Barrs, What has happened to our schools?
7. Sylvia Walby, The concept of inclusive economic growth 
8. Sylvia Walby, Policies for inclusive economic growth
9. Elizabeth Cotton, The future of mental health services: the organising challenge ahead
10. Normal Lucas, Mind the gap: the neoliberal assault on further, adult and vocational education