Left and right populisms in 2020 - video

Marina Prentoulis (University of East Anglia), Óscar García Agustín (Aalborg University), Ana Santamarina GuerreroDavid Featherstone and Lazaros Karaliotas (University of Glasgow) discuss left and right populisms in 2020. 

This conversation is convened by the Spatial Politics and Practices theme of the Human Geography Research Group, School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow.

David Featherstone and Marina Prentoulis are members of the Soundings editorial collective. Lazaros Karaliotas is a member of the Soundings editorial advisory board.

The recording is an informal and preliminary discussion on questions of populism, drawing together our different perspectives, which are partly based on different disciplinary engagements and different geographical contexts. More specifically, the panel foregrounds how a dialogue between political theory and geography can help us grapple with hitherto underexplored aspects of populist politics. The following questions were discussed.

  • How do we make sense of the rapid growth and traction of forms of right-wing/far-right populism in the current conjuncture?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of left populisms as a political strategy and what are the key lessons of recent versions of left populism?
  • How might the transnational dynamics of different populist projects be understood and engaged with?
  • How do all these questions relate to questions of space and geography? 

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Read more about contemporary left populism in For the People: Left Populism in Spain and the US by Jorge Tamames, due out from Lawrence and Wishart in July this year.