8: Active Welfare

Spring 1998


Part I
Editorial: The New Labour Project -
Michael Rustin

Writing the Obituaries: Interview with Patrick Wright 
Manfred Pfister

Netanyahu’s Oslo: Peace in the Slow Lane
John Strauson

Caterine Byron, Jane Evans, Frances Angela, U.A. Fanthorpe, Gregory Warren Wilson

Karomat Isaeva’s Tale 
Colette Harris

The Perverse Modernisation of British Universities 
Michael Rustin

Paul Myerscough on Frederick Crews on Freud’s Legacy,
Joanna Clarke Jones on Claire Tomalin’s Jane Austen biography,
Reina Lewis on Avtar Brah’s Cartographies of Diaspora,
Rebecca L. Walkowitz on Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love.

Part II: Active Welfare
Across The Great Divide: Welfare and Culture in Britain and Europe 

Andrew Cooper

Dickens and Flaubert, A Tale of Two Housing Estates: Young People, Crime and the State 
John Pitts

Livstycket: Working With Immigrant Women in a Stockholm Suburb 
Angela Leopold

Crossing Cultural Boundaries: Marginalised Children and Families in the French School System
Hassan Ezzedine and Alain Grevot

Looking for the Crevices: Consulting with Users of Mental Health Services
Helen Morgan

Innovation Through Training: Challenges and Changes in Italian Community Psychiatric Care 
Margherita Gobbi, Angelo Cassim and Monica Savio

Soundings 8