Gender, race, class, ecology and peace: Vron Ware talks to Jo Littler

Summer 2020
DOI: 10.3898/SOUN.75.09.2020

In this interview Vron Ware discusses how her work has intertwined themes of ‘gender, race, class, ecology and peace’, as she put it in her book Beyond the Pale: White Women, Racism and History, published in 1992 - a time when ‘talking about whiteness … was usually met by stony silence’. She relates this and her early work on gender and the National Front to more recent incarnations of gendered racism. The discussion moves over a wide range of subjects, including whiteness and the environmental movement, feminist statues and military monuments, the role of painting and photography in teaching and learning and how we might see futures beyond militarism. Ware reflects on ways in which the politics of ‘gender, race, class, ecology and peace’ formed part of her background in NGOs and campaigning organisations - including Searchlight, Friends of the Earth and the Women’s Design Service. The same themes also run through her current project on re-thinking the category of the rural, which involves ‘trying to think ecologically, in a way that sees interconnections between social, economic and cultural changes’ - continuing the effort to join the dots between anti-racism, feminism, anti-militarism and eco-socialism. 

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