74: New municipal alternatives

Spring 2020
Spring 2020


Editorial - FREE TO VIEW  
Re-empowering the local: new municipal alternatives

Municipalism and feminism then and now - FREE TO VIEW  
Hilary Wainwright talks to Jo Littler

A missing municipalist legacy: the GLC and the changing cultural politics of Southbank Centre
Kathy Williams 

Adapting to the political moment and diverse terrain of ‘Actually Existing Municipalisms’
Andrew Cumbers and Franziska Paul

New municipalism as space for solidarity - FREE TO VIEW  
Óscar García Agustín

‘Take back control’: English new municipalism and the question of belonging 
Abigail Gilbert

Cities of solidarity
Leoluca Orlando and Tunç Soyer talk to Lorenzo Marsili

Making power emerge: municipalism and the right to the city 
Bertie Russell

Kate Potts

Building the ‘Boris’ bloc: angry politics in turbulent timesFREE TO VIEW  
John Clarke

The New Left and its legacies - FREE TO VIEW  
Michael Rustin talks to Sally Davison and Jeremy Gilbert

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