72: Agency and change

Summer 2019
Summer 2019


Editorial: Who are ‘the many’? -  FREE TO VIEW  
Sally Davison and Kirsten Forkert

Brexit and democracy -  FREE TO VIEW  
Mary Kaldor

Populism  FREE TO VIEW  
David Featherstone and Lazaros Karaliotas

The question of progressive agency
Michael Rustin

Yellow fever: populist pangs in France -  FREE TO VIEW  
Gabriel Bristow

Welfare imaginaries at the interregnum
Tracey Jensen, Kim Allen, Sara de Benedictis, Kayleigh Garthwaite and Ruth Patrick

Confronting power: how can we transform political education?
Ellen Moran & Taya Williams, Farzana Khan, Sharon Clancy and Sasha Josette

A new vision for adult education
Sharon Clancy

‘Socialism in one NHS!’
Paul Corrigan

Green business and local economies
Alan Sitkin

Ode to the unwavering people of Afghanistan -  FREE TO VIEW  
Hjalmar Jorge Joffre-Eichhorn

Reviews -  FREE TO VIEW  
Antje Scharenberg, Nick Beech, Simon Peplow, John Clarke

Soundings 72 Agency and change