71: Neoliberalism, feminism and transnationalism

Spring 2019
Spring 2019


Editorial: neoliberalism, feminism and transnationalism -  FREE TO VIEW  
Alison Winch, Kirsten Forkert and Sally Davison

Feminising our revolutions
Sara C. Motta

A feminist analysis of neoliberalism and austerity policies in the UK -  FREE TO VIEW  
Ruth Pearson

#MeToo and the prospects of political change
Catherine Rottenberg

Neoliberal feminism in Africa -  FREE TO VIEW  
Yemisi Akinbobola 

The fight against sexual violence
Alison Phipps

Transnational feminism and the post-2015 development agenda
Awino Okech and Dinah Musindarwezo

rest -  FREE TO VIEW  
So Mayer

Reviews -  FREE TO VIEW  
Tamsyn Dent, Jannat Hossain, Katharine Harris, Peter Ridley 

Conversations with Stuart Hall
Michael Rustin: Is there an alternative to reactionary modernisation?
John Harris: Disorganised capitalism
Ash Sarkar: What do migrants represent?

Brazil, now
Liv Sovik