7: States of Africa

Autumn 1997


Editorial: Problems with Globalisation -  FREE TO VIEW 
Doreen Massey 

The Break-up of the Conservative Nation 
Bill Schwarz 

The Uncanny Family 
Wendy Wheeler 

Regaining the Inhuman City: The ‘Pure Genius’ Land Occupation 
Dave Featherstone 

Economic Globalisation and the Nation State: The Transformation of Political Power?
David Goldblatt, David Held, Anthony McGrew, Jonathan Perraton 

Okello Oculi, Daniel Wyke, Linda Chase, Jane Evans

Ludovic Hunter-Tilney on Thomas Pynchon’s Mason and Dixon; Christine Clegg on Kathryn Harrison’s The Kiss; Timothy Bewes on Ulrich Beck’s The Reinvention of Politics; and Katherine Frank on Sunil Khilnani’s The Idea of India and Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things.

Part II: States of Africa
Victoria Brittain and Rakiya Omaar (eds)

States Under Pressure 
Basil Davidson 

A Genocide Foretold & Testimony of a Survivor
Rakiya Omaar and Augustin Ndahimana Buranga

Moi’s Achilles’ Heel 
Kathurima M’Inoti and Lucy Hannan 

Photofeature: Portraits of Africa 
Jenny Matthews 

Angola Under Attack 
Victoria Brittain

They Were Better: Extract from a play 
Ngugi Wa Mirii 

Cost-recovery, adjustment and equity in health: Lessons from Zimbabwe 
Kevin Watkins 

Mozambique - under new management 
Joseph Hanlon

Corruption and the State: Introduction
Laurence Cockcroft

Corruption and the State: Extracts from the Warioba Report
Joseph Warioba

The Role of the NUM in South Africa I - Introduction
Vic Allen 

The Role of the NUM in South Africa II - Presidential Address to the NUM Ninth National Congress, 1997
James Motlasi

Soundings 7