Workers’ control in Britain: problems and possibilities

Winter 2017

The banking and speculators’ crash of 2008 was a body blow for this neoliberal era, and, notwithstanding the post-crash Cameron/Osborne austerity response, the future direction of the UK economy and society is now all to be played for (though May herself appears paralysed about a decision on what direction to take, largely because of the splits in the Tory Party). The argument in this article is that the next era must surely involve - at centre stage - the development of a productive, self-reliant economy built on manufacturing and balanced trade; and that such a strategy is indissolubly linked with the need for a much greater involvement than hitherto of workers’ representation in the running of the economy. The workers’ control debate must therefore be understood within the wider context of what sort of economy the UK wishes to develop and, in particular, the debate about rebalancing the economy and for a UK industrial strategy.

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