Alternatives to neoliberalism: a framing statement

Spring 2016

In introducing a series of articles that explore positive and programmatic alternatives to neoliberalism, Michael Rustin points to its links with After Neoliberalism: the Kilburn Manifesto, the main focus of which was to analyse and expose the workings of neoliberalism. The new project aims to think through alternatives, within a framework based on the earlier analysis; to contest what Rustin regards as neoliberalism’s intentional redesign of the entire social system; and to propose what policies might flow from a clearly conceptualised alternative design. The Alternatives series will challenge common sense about what is possible and desirable; and explore a strategy for change - which may involve compromise, but will also be informed by an understanding of how individual measures contribute to an accumulating direction of change. The aim is to describe the institutional architecture that needs to be imagined if the epoch of neoliberal hegemony is to be brought to an end, and an alternative system to emerge.