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Winter 2015

Many new ideas for social change are emerging on the ground from within Labour Councils

The days of binary choices in politics are gone, as is the fiscal basis for the mildly redistributive social democratic policies pursued by New Labour. If we hope to find a new way forward Labour needs to connect the fight against inequality to a passion for innovation in economic and social life. Some of the ideas needed for this are already emerging in embryonic form in Labour’s own heartlands. And if some of the innovation and improvements in productivity recently shown by Labour Councils having to deal with the cuts could be rolled out across a wider range of services, the impact on economic growth and boost to fairness would be significant. Many of these innovations demonstrate a practical grasp of ways to revive public service delivery: a number of Labour councils are engaged, on the ground, in rolling back key features of the New Public Sector Management launched under Thatcher and Major and embraced by Blair and Brown. 

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