All that is solid melts into air: climate change and neoliberalism

Spring 2015

Guy Shrubsole analyses the shift in arguments on the part of neoliberal climate change deniers, who until recently have tended either to pour doubt on the science of global warming, or to rail against the perceived costs of switching to clean energy. Their new argument is that climate change is inevitable, and that we now need only to adapt to it _ with the comforting supporting idea that human society is always very well-suited to adapting to external change. The focus of the article is unpicking this emerging neoliberal common sense on climate change. It critiques recent neoliberal views on coping with climate change, particularly in relation to recent greatly increased incidents of flooding, before moving on to examine how other political and philosophical traditions - conservative, green, social democrat - are addressing the challenge of environmental change. It concludes by proposing a new common sense - and a new political settlement to safeguard society against the vicissitudes of a changing climate.

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