Editorial: Hope and experience

Summer 2013

The Soundings Manifesto project is aiming to be part of an intergenerational dialogue about the best ways to resist neoliberalism and put forward alternative visions of a good society. This issue of the journal, as well as publishing two more instalments in the manifesto, carries articles that engage with and extend its arguments in a number of different directions. 

A recurring theme in these discussions has been the continuing importance of left traditions as sources of critical understanding for our current predicament (especially New Left thinking, and Gramscian understandings of hegemony and common sense). These ideas are now being taken up and developed by a new generation, while people who have their own distinctive critical traditions are also bringing their ideas to the discussion. At the same time there has been a renewed interest in history as a source of ideas, in terms of inspiration, lessons to be learned and alternatives to be recuperated.

Soundings 54 Hope and experience