54: Hope and experience

Summer 2013


Editorial: Hope and experience -  FREE TO VIEW 

Vocabularies of the economy -  FREE TO VIEW 
Doreen Massey

A relational society -  FREE TO VIEW 
Michael Rustin               

Thatcher’s spiral and a citizen renaissance
Tom Crompton

Optimism of the intellect? hegemony and hope
Richard Johnson        

The long revolution in the global age 
Nick Stevenson        

Turnings taken and not taken on the road to Britain’s 1945
Kevin Morgan

The problem that has no name – work, care and time 
Anna Coote and Jacob Mohun Himmelweit

The roots of the coup -  FREE TO VIEW 
Paolo Gerbaudo

Our dirty love affair with technology 
Richard Maxwell and Toby Miller

Doreen Massey, Hilary Wainwright

Fit to Work: Poets Against Atos
Mark Burnhope, Sarah Hesketh, Martin Figura

The size of a song: Pussy Riot and the (people) power of poetry 
Sophie Mayer

Soundings 54 Hope and experience