Roundtable: Roll over Mick Jagger

Summer 2012

A roundtable discussion with Sarah E. Baker, Clare Coatman, David Floyd, Ben Little and Shiv Malik on generational politics.

David Floyd: Why generational politics?

Clare: There’s always been tensions between generations and their different views on society. They’ve got different deals from society as policy has changed. But recently I think there has been a crunch point between our generation and the generations before us around what we can expect, particularly in terms of access to education, university, housing and the jobs market. Our outlook is a lot gloomier than that of the baby-boomers. And this is an international trend. Youth unemployment is 50 per cent in Spain. Here it is significantly higher than for under-25s than for other demographics. The pressure that this causes highlights intergenerational politics as a frame with which to look at equality in society.

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