49: Who Will Speak for England?

Winter 2011


Editorial: Speaking for England -  FREE TO VIEW 

Time for an optimistic Englishness -  FREE TO VIEW 
Anthony Painter

English socialism - regional accent? 
Paul Salveson

Democratic localism 
Ken Spours

The benefits scandal -  FREE TO VIEW 
Kaliya Franklin and Sue Marsh

‘Dependency’ and disability: how to misread the evidence on social security
Declan Gaffney

Cuts are a feminist issue 
The feminist fightback collective

Craig Berry, Rhiannon Freeland, Michael Moran, Alan O’Shea

Relational economics 
Andrea Westall

Where did it all go wrong for George Osborne? 
Michael Burke

‘Cars not casinos’: the manufacturing revival 
Paul Everitt

The entrepreneurial state 
Mariana Mazzucato

‘Managed’ v ‘market capitalism’: the record 
Stewart Lansley

Soundings 49 Who Will Speak for England?