43: Business as usual

Winter 2009


Editorial -  FREE TO VIEW 

What crisis is this? 
John Clarke 

Reflections on the present 
Michael Rustin 

The patriot’s game -  FREE TO VIEW 
Mark Perryman 

Back to the future: culture and political change
Roshi Naidoo 

The media and climate change 
Helen Bird, Max Boykoff, Mike Goodman, George Monbiot, Jo Littler 

What rights? Whose responsibilities? 
Julian Petley 

Time to join the EMU? 
John Grahl 

The injustice of unequal work 
Andrew Sayer 

Fear of a black president 
Ben Carrington 

North Korea in transition 
Glyn Ford 

Pakistan - a catharsis 
Sayeed Khan 

Marianne Morris, Gabriel Gbadamosi, Luis Felipe Fabre, Eoghan Walls 

Bill Schwarz, Duncan Weldon, Jon Cruddas, Jonathan Rutherford

Soundings 43 Business as usual