41: Recession Blues

Spring 2009


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Private equity and the credit crunch 
Adam Leaver

The housing disaster 
Toby Lloyd

Financial bubbles and economic crises 
Carlota Perez talks to Jonathan Rutherford

Adult responsibility in insecure times 
Kate Crawford

Life on credit 
Zygmunt Bauman

Tax justice and secrecy jurisdictions 
Richard Murphy

City pay 
Julie Froud

Iraq’s new ruling elite 
Toby Dodge

Food sovereignty: time to choose sides 
Anthony Jackson and Eve Mitchell

The undeserving poor 
Heather Nunn and Anita Biressi

Tony Blackshaw, Pat Devine, Richard Johnson

Alvin Pang, Andrea Brady, Siddhartha Bose

End of the line for general practice? 
Stephen Amiel

The problem with being private 
John Launer

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