35: Left Futures

Spring 2007


Editorial: left futures -  FREE TO VIEW 
Sally Davison 

Has the future a left? -  FREE TO VIEW 
Zygmunt Bauman 

‘The Long Revolution’ revisited 
Michael Rustin 

The other pleasures of post-consumerism -  FREE TO VIEW 
Kate Soper 

The complexity of the social
Jeremy Gilbert 

Citizen’s income: Sowing the seeds of change 
David Purdy 

Green ethics and the democratic left 
Patrick Curry 

The end of the empire of Gog and Magog 
James Marriott 

Progressive politics after Blair
Michael Kenny 

From ‘The Family’ to ‘Families’: How individualisation and globalisation are changing our personal lives 
Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim

Childhood, youth and the economy 
Priscilla Alderson 

Resisting Big Pharma 
Jacky Law 

Labour’s health policy: the cart before the horse? 
Anna Coote

Britain’s wealth explosion 
Stewart Lansley 

Robin Robertson, Iman Mersal, Khaled Mattawa

Pat Kane, Ryan O’Kane

Soundings 35 Left Futures