29: After Identity

Spring 2005


Editorial: After Identity -  FREE TO VIEW 
Sally Davison and Jonathan Rutherford

Identity for identity’s sake is a bit dodgy …
Zygmunt Bauman

Last Orders for the English Aborigine 
Patrick Wright

Melancholia or Conviviality: The Politics of Belonging in Britain
Paul Gilroy

Freedom, Psychology and the Neoliberal Worker 
Valerie Walkerdine

A defence of multiculturalism 
Tariq Modood

The complexity revolution 
Wendy Wheeler

Politicians and truth in a shrinking world 
Sarah Benton

Post-autistic economics 
Edward Fullbrook

Financial markets and globalisation 
John Grahl

Guy Redden, Helen Brocklehurst, Heather Nunn

Rethinking audit and inspection: A response
Marilyn Strathern

Susanne Ehrhardt, Gregory Warren Wilson, Patrick Early, Carrie Etter, Terence Dooley, Geraldine Paine

After Thatcher 
John Callaghan

Living under New Labour: A local story
Steve Munby

Wishful re-thinking
Andrew Pearmain

Soundings 29 After Identity