27: Public Life

Summer 2004


Editorial: Critical intellectuals in the post-socialist world -  FREE TO VIEW 
Sally Davison and Sarah Benton

The new political economy of public life 
Robin Murray

Re-designing prisons for the twenty-first century 
Hilary Cottam

Women, modernisation and trade unions 
Heather Wakefield

My Jihad 
Amir Saeed

The future of New Labour
Contributions from Colin Crouch, Francis Beckett and Tom Bentley

Saints or spinners: Is Compass part of the problem or part of the solution? 
Neal Lawson

Equality and New Labour 
Judith Squires

Intellectuals and tendencies 
Gregor McLennan and Judith Squires

Geoff Mulgan

Safe in their hands? New Labour and Public Service Broadcasting
Jonathan Hardy

BBC: The next ten years 
Alan Fountain interviews Caroline Thomson

Thinking the global locally
Contributions from Oscar Reyes and Monica Stephens

The US in Latin America 
Francisco Domínguez, Terence Dooley, Florence Elon, Elizabeth Foy, Judy Gahagan, Geraldine Paine

The Factory and the Beehive: Argentina versus the International Misery Fund
Richard Minns

Recycling hope
Sylvia Pritz

Terence Dooley, Florence Elon, Elizabeth Foy, Judy Gahagan, Geraldine Paine

Alan Finlayson, Massimo De Angelis, Purna Sen, Anita Biressi

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