18: A Very British Affair

Guest Editor(s): 
Summer 2001


Editorial: Markets and Democracy -  FREE TO VIEW 

City Symposium II
Introduction: Questions of Democracy
Doreen Massey

From Beswick to Brazil 
Hilary Wainwright

New Deal in Kilburn 
Angie Birtill

Cleansing the Rascals from the Castle 
Beatrix Campbell

Whose community? 
Jane Foot

The Partido dos Trabalhadores in São Paulo 
Csaba Deák

Berlusconi’s Finest Hour 
Geoff Andrews

Through the Looking Glass: Alice in Asia 
Glyn Ford

Anorexic and Passive Resistance: A Literary Case Study 
Jane Desmarais

Four Poems 
Gregory Warren Wilson, Caroline Price, Sue Gardener, D. M. Black

Peter Redman, Matthew Beaumont, Dave Featherstone

Part II: A Very British Affair
Introduction: A Very British Revolution -  FREE TO VIEW 
Gerry Hassan

After Blair: The Future of Britishness 
Gerry Hassan and Jim McCormick

England’s Screaming 
Mark Perryman

The Dull Consensus of Scottish Identity 
Katie Grant

The Protean British Identity in Britain and Northern Ireland 
Cathal McCall

Devolution and Identities: The Experience of Ethnic Minorities in Wales 
Charlotte Williams and Paul Chaney

Transforming the United Kingdom: The View from Dublin 
John Coakley and Kevin Howard

Feminising Politics: Lessons from Scotland and Wales 
Mary-Ann Stephenson

Keep the Clause: Section 28 and the Politics of Sexuality in Scotland and the UK 
David T. Evans

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