15: States of Mind

Summer 2000


Part 1
Editorial: Opening up Debate -
Doreen Massey 

Linking the Cultural Left and Social Left: Interview with Nancy Fraser 
Hugues Jallon, Yves Sintomer and Stephen Wright 

Riding on a Wave of Change: the Elián Crisis and prospects for an End to the US Cuban Embargo 
Stephen Wilkinson 

Five Poems 
Fabian Peake, Jane Evans, Khan Singh Kumar, Frances Angela, Florence Elon 

All the World’s a Corporate Stage 
Les Back 

Social Entrepreneurs 
Mike Waite 

Violence Against Women in Bangladesh 
Kate Young

Michael Rustin, David Goldblatt, Andreas Hess

Part 11 States of Mind
Introduction: Unconscious Dimensions

Michael Rustin 

Psychoanalysis, Its Connections and Change 
Alan Shuttleworth 

The State of Mind We’re in 
Andrew Cooper 

Social Class and the Psyche 
Helen Lucey and Diane Reay 

Remembering, Repeating, Redemption: Reflections on Dennis Potter’s Karaoke 
Richard Graham 

On Looking at Still Life Painting 
Jennifer Wakelyn

Soundings 15