14: One Dimensional Politics

Spring 2000


Part 1
Editorial: Where Are We Now? -  FREE TO VIEW 
Michael Rustin 

Organising Where it is Needed: First Generation Immigrant Workers in North America
Laura Dubinsky 

What Future for the Past in the New South Africa?
David Renton 

Mourning the Movement 
Isaac D. Balbus 

Anti-Fascist Action: Radical Resistance or Rent-a-mob? 
Mark Hayes and Paul Aylward 

Special Needs - Bullying - Racism: The Last Taboo? 
Ann Briggs 

Five Poems
Mario Petrucci, Susanne Ehrhardt, Judith Kazantzis, Fabian Peake, Joan Michelson 

Singing Politics, Owning Names -  FREE TO VIEW 
Shereen Benjamin and Cynthia Cockburn 

Passing shadows 
Joanna Rosenthall

Maureen Mackintosh, Helen Crowley, Stephen Frosh

Part II: One-Dimensional Politics
Introduction: One-Dimensional Politics 

Wendy Wheeler 

The New Labour Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
Michael Rustin 

The Intelligent Process of Living 
Wendy Wheeler 

The Politics of Complexity: Acting Locally Matters
Dave Byrne 

‘Thank You for Calling’ The New Ideology of Work in the Service Economy 
Gavin Poynter 

The Real Meaning of Spin: Containment and compression in modern politics 
Barry Richards 

Little Tony: A new fable for new times 
Mario Petrucci

Soundings 14