12: Transversal Politics

Summer 1999


Part I

Editorial: Space for co-existence? -  FREE TO VIEW 
Doreen Massey 

Ein Ding ist ein Thing - A philosophical platform for a Left (European) party 
Bruno Latour 

The Sharp Edge of Stephen’s City 
Nick Jeffrey 

Gregory Warren Wilson, Michael Young, Elizabeth Barrett, Felicity Wyvern, Okello Oculi 

The Changing Debate in Scotland: Devolution, Home Rule and self Government 
Gerry Hassan

Jo Littler, Mike Waite, Jude Rosen

Part II: Transversal Politics
Introduction: Transversal Politics and Translating Practices - 
Cynthia Cockburn and Lynette Hunter 

What is ‘Transversal Politics’?
Nira Yuval-Davis  

Crossing Borders: comparing ways of Handling Conflictual Differences -  FREE TO VIEW 
Cynthia Cockburn

Difficult Alliances: Treading the Minefield of Identity and Solidarity Politics
Pragna Patel 

Inclusive Movements / Movements for Inclusion 
Marie Mulholland and Pragna Patel 

The Values of Community Writing 
Lynette Hunter and Rebecca O’Rourke 

Theatre and Reconciliation: Reflections on work in Northern Ireland and Eritrea 
Gerry Moriarty and Jane Plastow 

Sharing Stories
MAMA East African Women’s Group 

The Way I Live 

Soundings 12