Socialist History 52

Legacies of October
Autumn 2017


Editorial: Legacies of October -  FREE TO VIEW 
Kevin Morgan

The Russian Revolution, Africa and the Diaspora
Hakim Adi

Questioning the Use of Marxism: Yuli Martov’s Analysis of 1917
Éric Aunoble

Communism and the Nation – the Failure to Accommodate Nation under Class
Stefan Berger

The Russian Revolution and the Contemporary Left: Inspiration or Model?
Neil Davidson

Anti-Colonialism and the Contested Spaces of Communist Internationalism
David Featherstone

Against Imperialist War: Peace at the Heart of the Revolution
Kate Hudson

When Kropotkin Met Lenin
Ruth Kinna

The Man Question: How Bolshevik Masculinity Shaped International Communism -  FREE TO VIEW 
Lisa A. Kirschenbaum

Anarchism and Leninist Communism: 1917 and All That
Carl Levy

An Empire to End Imperialism
Ronald Grigor Suny



Socialist History Journal, Issue 52: Legacies of October (special issue)