Principles, not mechanisms: Interview with Lisa Nandy MP

Spring / Summer 2015

Since her election as MP for Wigan in 2010, Lisa Nandy has become a prominent advocate for an emerging strain of pluralist, communitarian Labour politics. Alongside recent contributions on feminism and public service reform (Nandy, 2014a, Nandy, 2014b), Nandy has made a lengthy and distinctive intervention into the party’s ongoing debate on policies and values in her 2014 Compass Lecture (Nandy, 2014c). This tried to reclaim the idea of ‘freedom’ from the neo-liberal right, via appeals to the republican political theory of Quentin Skinner and Phillip Pettit. As Shadow Minister for Civil Society, Nandy has had considerable scope to put some of this thinking into practice as one of Labour’s key advocates for social and political reform. James Stafford met Nandy at Westminster at the start of the year, to discuss Labour’s developing agenda and prospects for government in 2015.

Renewal Vol 23 No. 1/2