Trade unionism after the crash: Interview with Frances OGrady

Summer / Autumn 2013

Frances O’Grady interviewed by Sarah Hutchinson and Florence Sutcliffe Braithwaite

Frances O’Grady became General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress in January 2013 – the first woman ever to hold the post. Before that, she had been Deputy General Secretary, head of the TUC’s organisation department, and TUC Campaigns Officer, as well as working for the Transport and General Workers Union, and in a variety of jobs, from shop work to the voluntary sector. In April 2013 she delivered the Attlee Memorial Lecture at University College, Oxford (O’Grady, 2013). In this interview, she talks about the agenda she set out in her Attlee lecture; the role of trade unionism in Britain today; the new feminism; and the prospects for democratic socialism.

Renewal Vol 21 No 2/3