Ruth Kinna

Ruth Kinna is a member of the Politics Department in the School of Social, Political and Geographical Sciences at Loughborough University. She took over the editorship of Anarchist Studies from Sharif Gemie in 2008. She is a founder member of the Anarchist Studies Network and, at Loughborough, a member of the Anarchism Research Group and the Critical Citizenship, Art and Activism Group.

Ruth has published work on the history of the European anarchist movement and is interested in anarchist political thought and contemporary anarchism. She is the author of the Bloomsbury Companion to Anarchism, co-editor of Libertarian Socialism: Politics in Black and Red, and Anarchism and Utopianism. She is currently collating papers with Uri Gordon for the Routledge Companion to Radical Politics and co-editing Anarchism 1914-18: Internationalism, Anti-Militarism and War for Manchester University Press with Matthew Adams. She is about to start work with Alex Prichard on an ESRC-funded project, Anarchy as a constitutional principle: Constitutionalising in anarchist politics. Her study of Peter Kropotkin’s political though (Kropotkin: Reviewing the Classical Anarchist Tradition) will be published by Edinburgh University Press in January 2016.