Helena Duffy

Helena Duffy is currently a Marie Curie–Skłodowska research fellow at Royal Holloway where she is studying the representations of the Holocaust in the contemporary French novel. Before embarking on this EU–funded project she taught French language and literature in Poland (University of Wrocław), in Australia (University of Queensland, University of New England) and in the UK (University of Hull, Oxford Brookes University). Helena Duffy’s research interests lie in contemporary French literature and cinema, and in particular in the work of non–native novelists (Kundera, MakineLittell) and filmmakers (Bobrova, Żuławski). She is also published on the novelistic representations of World War II and the Holocaust, and on French literary postmodernism. She is an author of numerous articles and a monograph concerned with the depiction of the Great Fatherland War in Andreï Makine’s oeuvre.