Fredrik Petersson

Fredrick Petersson is Lecturer in General History at Åbo Akademi University since 2014. He received his PhD from Åbo Akademi University in 2013; his dissertation was titled ‘We Are Neither Visionaries Nor Utopian Dreamers’. Willi Münzenberg, the League against Imperialism, and the Comintern, 1925-1933 (published as vol. I-II, Lewiston: Queenston Press, 2013). He is currently working on two projects: the book project The Coloured Peoples’ International. The League against Imperialism, Anti-Colonialism, and International Communism, 1927-37 (for publication, 2017), and his postdoctoral research foc us on the encounters and articulations of twentieth century anti-colonial resistance movements. He has published several articles on anti-imperialism, international communism and radicalism.