98: Automation Anxiety



Editorial - FREE TO VIEW 
Ben Roberts and Patrick Crogan

Automation Now and Then: Automation Fevers, Anxieties and Utopias - FREE TO VIEW 
Caroline Bassett and Ben Roberts 

Automation Anxieties and Infrastructural Technologies - FREE TO VIEW 
Andrew Goffey 

Bernard Stiegler on Algorithmic Governmentality: A New Regimen of Truth? 
Patrick Crogan 

Making Automation Explicable: A Challenge for Philosophy of Technology 
Dominic Smith 

Distraction Machines? Augmentation, Automation and Attention in a Computational Age
M. Beatrice Fazi 

Automatic Endo-Attention, Creative Exo-Attention: the Egocidal and Ecocidal Logic of Neoliberal Capitalism
Yves Citton

Automations, Technological and Nervous: Addiction Epidemics from Athens to Fake News
Gerald Moore

Predictive Policing Management: A Brief History of Patrol Automation
Dean Wilson

Nomic Sound
Cormac Deane

Reviews - FREE TO VIEW 

On the NSA (New Security Aesthetics)
Clare Birchall

All Good in Theory
Jack Boulton

Can Femininity be Queer?
Joni Meenagh

Judgment, or Learning How to Live
Danielle Sands

BooknotesFREE TO VIEW 

Minimal Autonomies
Oliver Haslam

Epochal Ecopoetics
Demi Wilton

98: Automation Anxiety