Cultural Studies in search of a method, or looking for conjunctural analysis

DOI: 10.3898/NEWF:96/97.02.2019

Conjunctural analysis is a conversation across many fields, discourses, knowledges and institutions, a conversation one seeks to advance by humbly offering the best contributions one can. Too often, a conjuncture is simply treated as a context defined by some boundary, often but not necessarily a given space and period of time. This article attempts to uncover some of the concepts and assumptions that have driven the author’s own efforts as part of a broader collaborative effort, and that have, over the course of more than four decades, constituted his passion for cultural studies. The article offers some theorising on the conjunctural analysis to open up and continue the important conversation, and hopefully to move the possibilities of political analysis a bit further on.

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New Formations 96/97: This Conjuncture