94: Rosa Luxemburg: Capitalism, Imperialism and the Postcolonial

Autumn 2018
Autumn 2018


Introduction: Transmitting Rosa Luxemburg -  FREE TO VIEW 
Filippo Menozzi 

Think another time: Rosa Luxemburg and the concept of history
Filippo Menozzi

Capitalism in ‘all corners of the earth’: Luxemburg and globalisation
Helen Scott  

Perspectives on Rosa Luxemburg 1
Evelin Wittich

Perspectives on Rosa Luxemburg 2
Benita Parry  

Non-Linear pathways to social transformation: Rosa Luxemburg and the post-colonial condition -  FREE TO VIEW 
Peter Hudis  

Capital accumulation and debt colonialism after Rosa Luxemburg
Stephen Morton

Neoliberal capitalism and its crises in Europe: towards a Luxemburgian interpretation -  FREE TO VIEW 
Ingo Schmidt

Rosa Luxemburg and the heart of darkness
Paul Le Blanc  

Rosa Luxemburg’s The Accumulation of Capital, postcolonial theory, and the problem of present day imperialisms
Kanishka Chowdhury

Reviews -  FREE TO VIEW 

Art’s work
Ben Highmore  

Photography remoulded
Andrew Dewdney

About to happen
David Wylot  

Kitsch theory
Ben Ware  

Booknote -  FREE TO VIEW 

Hacking and hackerspaces
Jack Booth