89/90: Death and the Contemporary (double issue)

Autumn/Winter 2016


Introduction: Death and the Contemporary -  FREE TO VIEW  
Georgina Colby 

The Prisoners of Starvation, or Necessitas dat legem
Warren Montag 

Deconstructing Death: Derrida and the Scene of Execution
Elizabeth Rottenberg 

Zoya Kosmodemianskaya between Sacrifice and Extermination
Jonathan Platt 

The Face of the Good Death: Euthanasia and Levinas
Timothy Secret 

Horror beyond Death: Geopolitics and the Pulverisation of the Human
François Debrix 

Why Do the Dead Keep Coming Back? -  FREE TO VIEW  
Roger Luckhurst 

Drone Poetics
Andrea Brady 

Dying for Sex: Cultural and Forensic Narratives of Autoerotic Death -  FREE TO VIEW  
Lisa Downing 

The Violations of Empathy
Jennifer Cooke 

Imaginary Intimacies: Death and New Temporalities in the Work of Denise Riley and Nicholas Royle
Georgina Colby 

Blind Seeing: Deathwriting from Dickinson to the contemporary
Peter Boxall 

Sites of Death in Some Recent British Fiction
Robert Hampson 


Janet Wolff Car Thoughts
Ben Highmore Capacious Aesthetics -  FREE TO VIEW  
Ruth Preser Un-learning to See Palestine
Karin Lesnik-Oberstein ARTs and the Unconscious
Sheena Culley A Place for Practice
Kevin M.Potter Expansion/Expulsion
Julia Vassilieva Boris Groys: The Intruder
Conor Heaney Inventing New Lines
Dougal McNeill Psychoanalytic Stimulus Packages
S.Trimble Trust Sylvia Wynter


New Formations 89/90: Death and the Contemporary