80/81: Neoliberal Culture

Autumn / Winter 2013


Editorial -  FREE TO VIEW 
Jeremy Gilbert

What Kind of Thing Is ‘Neoliberalism’ -  FREE TO VIEW 
Jeremy Gilbert

‘… We Got to Get over Before We Go Under …’ Fragments for a History of Black Vernacular Neoliberalism
Paul Gilroy

Foucault’s ‘Critique’ of Neoliberalism, Rawls and the Genealogy of Public Reason
Paul Patton

Meritocracy as Plutocracy: the Marketising of ‘Equality’ under Neoliberalism -  FREE TO VIEW 
Jo Littler 

Thought Bubble: Neoliberalism and the Politics of Knowledge
Neal Curtis 

Capitalist Realism and Neoliberal Hegemony: A Dialogue -  FREE TO VIEW 
Mark Fisher and Jeremy Gilbert

Beyond the Entrepreneurial Voyeur? Sex, Porn and Cultural Politics
Stephen Maddison

Feminism, the Family and the New ‘Mediated’ Maternalism 
Angela McRobbie

Complexity as Capture - Neoliberalism and the Loop of Drive
Jodi Dean

Neoliberal Britain’s Austerity Foodscape: Home Economics, Veg Patch Capitalism and Culinary Temporality -  FREE TO VIEW 
Lucy Potter and Claire Westall

‘Hit Your Educable Public Right in the Supermarket Where They Live’: Risk and Failure in the Work of William Gaddis
Nicky Marsh

ATMs, Teleprompters and Photobooths: a Short History of Neoliberal Optics
Mark Hayward

Show me the Money: The Culture of Neoliberalism
Nicky Marsh, Paul Crosthwaite and Peter Knight

Power for Pleasure
Lisa Downing

Forty Winks
Scott McCracken

Ideational Cinema
Jarad Zimbler

Thought-Perception Beyond Form or, the Logic of Shame
Raji Vallury

Culture or Barbarism?
Benjamin Noys

NF 80/81 Neoliberal Culture