78: Materialities of Text: Between the Codex and the Net

Winter 2012


Editorial: Materialities of Text -  FREE TO VIEW 
Jeremy Gilbert

Sas Mays and Nicholas Thoburn

Shelf-Life: Biopolitics, The New Media Archive, And ‘Paperless’ Persons
Richard Burt 

Black Twitter? Racial Hashtags, Networks and Contagion -  FREE TO VIEW 
Sanjay Sharma 

On The Materiality Of Contemporary Reading Formations: The Case Of Jari Tervo’s Layla 
Hanna Kuusela 

Diagrammatic Writing
Johanna Drucker

Working Papers in Cultural Studies, or, the Virtues of Grey Literature
Ted Striphas and Mark Hayward

Literary Digital Humanities and the Politics of the Infinite
Sas Mays

The Political Nature of the Book: On Artists’ Books and Radical Open Access
Janneke Adema and Gary Hall 

Materialities of Independent Publishing: A Conversation with AAAAARG, Chto Delat?, I Cite, Mute, and Neural -  FREE TO VIEW 
Jodi Dean, Sean Dockray, Alessandro Ludovico, Pauline van Mourik, Broekman, Nicholas Thoburn and Dmitry Vilensky 

Cultural Studies in its Mirror Phase
Ben Highmore

Of Birds and Hands
Wendy Wheeler

The Transference in Culture
Molly Anne Rothenberg 

Still Anthropocentric
Louise Westling

Erkan Ali
Sarah E. James

NF 78 Materialities of text: between the codex and the net