Antagonism and technicity: Bernard Stiegler on eris, stasis and polemos

Autumn 2012

The essay seeks to sketch out, by outlining the Stiegler’s interpretation of eris, stasis and polemos as notions of social conflict, the relation between his thought of technics and current thinking of the political. Stiegler’s notion of a ‘de-fault of origin’ is taken as an indication that he is to be located within the family of post-foundational political thinkers. At the same time, though, he tends to reduce politics to a rhetorical or strategic skill. It is claimed that with this ‘ontic’ account of politics or la politique as strategic action, important as it may be, an ‘ontological’ concept of the political as antagonism may get lost.

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NF 77 Bernard Stiegler: Technics, Politics, Individuation