74: Food On The Move

Guest Editor(s): 
Autumn 2011


Introduction: ‘Out of the strong came forth sweetness’ - sugar on the move
Ben Highmore

Palm oil tensions
Danielle Gallegos

Eating Roo: of things that become food -  FREE TO VIEW 
Elspeth Probyn

Quesadillas with Chinese black bean puree: eating together in ‘ethnic’ neighbourhoods
Jean Duruz 

Thai food in Taiwan: tracing the contours of transnational taste
Peter Jackson and Heng-Chang Chi 

Moving food: gustatory commensality and disjuncture in everyday multiculturalism
Amanda Wise 

Migration, cuisine And integration: the Anglo-Jewish cookbook from the lady to the princess
Panikos Panayi

Eerie changelings
Daniela Caselli 

Planetary counter-archive
Tara Blake Wilson

Plus ça change … 
Annebella Pollen 

Cosmos and colony
Bart Moore-Gilbert

Documentary: negotiating the public sphere
Jeffrey Geiger 

NF 74 Food on the Move