70: Living Life in Pictures

Summer 2010


Editorial: Living life in pictures -  FREE TO VIEW 
Jeremy Gilbert

Being in the care of philosophy: thinking about Rachel Corrie
Shahidha K. Bari 

Documenting the paedophile: virtual white men in the era of recovered memory 
Gillian Harkins 

Living life in pictures: isotype as modernist cultural practice
Michelle Henning  

Reflections on feminism, immaterial labour and the post Fordist regime 
Angela McRobbie 

You never look at me from where I see you’: postcolonial guilt in caché 
James Penney 

Remembering Islamic empires: speaking of imperialism and islamophobia 
Richard Phillips 

The production of subjectivity: from transindividuality to the commons 
Jason Read 

Ravishing Maggie: Thatcher thirty years on
Jackie Stacey 

Split level, or, the predicament of dwelling
Matt Waggoner 

The offices of comedy 
Robert Lapsley 

Simon Harvey 

Multicultural nationalism
Jamie Hakim  

Imaginary Americas 
Katherine Harrison 

Selective hospitality 
Felicia Chan 

Situating the situationists
Sam Cooper 

NF 70 Living Life in Pictures