59: After Iraq: Reframing Postcolonial Studies

Autumn 2006


Editorial -  FREE TO VIEW 
Priyamvada Gopal and Neil Lazarus 

Postcolonial studies after the invasion of Iraq
Neil Lazarus 

Postcolonial urbicide: new imperialism, global cities and the damned of the earth
Kanishka Goonewardena and Stefan Kipfer 

Israel in US empire
Bashir Abu-Manneh 

Edward Said and the war in Iraq
Robert Spencer 

History after the end of history: critical counterfactualism and revolution
Crystal Bartolovich 

The ‘moral empire’: Africa, globalisation and the politics of conscience
Priyamvada Gopal 

The fetish of the margins: religious absolutism, anti-racism and postcolonial silence
Chetan Bhatt 

Postcolonialism and Scottish studies
Graeme Macdonald 

Beyond Anglophone imperialism?
David Murphy

Surfing the second waves: Amitav Ghosh’s tide country
Pablo Mukherjee

Crossroads Guantanamo
Barbara Harlow 

Englishness and Its (Cricketing) Ashes
Claire Westall 

New Formations 59