58: Of Borders and Discos

Summer 2006


Editorial -  FREE TO VIEW 
David Glover and Scott McCracken 

Etienne Balibar
William Outhwaite 

Borders, citizenship, war, class: a discussion with Étienne Balibar and Sandro Mezzadra
Manuela Bojadzije and Isabelle Saint-Saens 

The state (and society) of Europe
William Outhwaite 

Only aporias to offer? Étienne Balibar ‘s politics and the ambiguity of war
Claudia Aradau 

Borders and the boundaries of democracy
Iain Chambers 

Beyond liberal democracy: Slavoj Zizek’s politics of ideology critique
Fabio Vighi and Heiko Feldner 

The postcolonial everyday
James Procter 

Paul Auster’s cinematographic fictions: against the ontology of the present
Timothy Bewes 

In defence of ‘in defense of disco’
Jeremy Gilbert 

In defence of disco
Richard Dyer 

Dyer And Deleuze: post-structuralist cultural criticism
Jeremy Gilbert 

In defence of disco (again)
Tim Lawrence 

Ornament and Kracauer
Graeme Gilloch 

From Interactivity to Affectivity
Mara Mills

Modernity and the Concept of Experience
Michael Pickering 

John Gray’s Navigational Problem
William H. Thornton

If You Don’t Know Me by Now - Cultural Studies’ Perpetual Introduction
Melissa Gregg 

New Formations 58